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January 18, 2018

Hey lovely readers,

Happy Wednesday and a warm welcome back to my blog.

How is January treating you? My January is better than I anticipated and I couldn’t be happier. A number of things and people are contributing to my positive, happier and more joyful January; and I couldn’t be more grateful.

On today’s post, I will share a few fitness tips that were passed on to me by my fitness trainer.

Before I dive into these tips, let me share my fitness journey with you. For starters, I am in no  shape or form fit but I am working my way to ensuring that I end 2018 with the best fitness  status possible. To accomplish this goal, I enrolled to a gym last year, something I was so against in the past years as I preferred working out alone (running or walking were my go to workouts). Working out alone has its challenges as I had no one to hold me accountable or push  me on days that I was unmotivated and eventually that failed. After the solo workout fail, I joined a swimming class with the hopes that it will help me get into a better in terms of consistency. Well, my swimming trainer will happily tell you that I failed in that area miserably. After my swimming failed, I just decided to live a much more care free life with not fitness check  at all and my genes were not having that as I started gaining weight quicker than I anticipated. At last, I decided to join the gym and that became my starting point to a steady fitness route.

Joining the gym was a beneficial choice mainly because the gym I chose has, in my humble opinion, very skilled trainers who encourages and pushes you to working out. After visiting the gym for over six months, I can safely say that, ones fitness success is determined by the trainers who help you achieve the set fitness goals.

So without further ado, let me share a few fitness tips from one of the trainers who have been helping me achieve my fitness goals for the past six months:


1.Your mental tone is important

When you start on a fitness journey, in most cases you wont have the strength and technical know of working out but that doesn’t mean you cant learn and adapt. So don’t think that you cannot workout in the same room as experienced workout fanatics, with time, you too will become adept in the workouts.

2. Start small

Almost everyone starting out a fitness journey is energetic, optimistic and wants to see results immediately, so much that they overdo the first workouts. The result of overdoing it on the first days of your fitness journey is that you work on too many muscle groups and you become so sore and sick that you lose the motivation to continue with the fitness journey. From someone who made this mistake when starting out, I strongly agree with the point of starting small.

 3. Keep evolving

Most people who quit the gym, do so from the perspective that they don’t see progress or are not achieving the results they want as fast as they had hoped for. To achieve the desired results, one must progress from beginner stage to intermediate to a pro as staying stuck in one stage of fitness will not yield the desired results.


At least everyone I know who has started or is in a fitness journey has one goal and that is to lose weight. So I had to pick my trainers brain on the tips for losing weight, just so I can be sure that I am on the correct path. Here are the tips shared:

1.Your meal plan is far more important than the workouts

In this area, it is not a requirement that you start on a strict diet but rather its important you become aware of your calories intake, food portions and the timings of your meals. That way, your workouts will be able to burn the calories consumed without fail.

2. Cardio workouts are best for losing weight.

Cardio workouts are best known as the types of workouts that helps burn the maximum number of calories. Varieties for cardio workouts include running, aerobics, dancing, swimming, walking and other similar workouts.

I hope these tips will be useful in helping you achieve your fitness goals. If you have additional tips, please share them in the comments section below.

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate you.



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