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November 20, 2017

Hey lovely readers,

Welcome back to my blog.

Once upon a time I had the pleasure and was blessed enough to travel to a few bucket list destinations. The experience was just out of this world and I couldn’t wait to share my newly learned tips for travel with you guys.

Travel is one of the most expensive hobbies one can indulge in. But there are so many tricks and tips that one can observe to make the experience less expensive and more indulging.

Saving up and currency exchange:

One thing is for sure, you will need to be smart about how you save and convert your currency. Our beloved Tanzanian shilling is quite weak in the world market so you have to start saving as early as possible. Once you have saved a considerable amount, its best to start converting your savings to the required currency, this way you can stay atop of the currency fluctuations.

Booking the airplane:

If the trip is planned right, this will be the most expensive  bit of the trip, since our airport taxes are quite high and depending on the size of the destination airport and connecting airport – the ticket can be quite pricy. But there are airline companies that offer affordable airline services from Dar es Salaam, ranging from Ethiopian airlines to Turkish airlines and Etihad airlines. My personal experience lies in two flights (Ethiopian airlines and Turkish airlines) and my my humble review is that Turkish airlines are the best in terms of price point and comfort. If you want to explore other flight options available, the best way is to use websites and/or apps that perform flight comparisons. My personal favorite website is WeGo – which gives you the price points per city per season. Lets say you have a certain budget and would like to visit any European city, WeGo is the right website to visit as it ranks the city based on the price points. If you are set on the destination you would love to visit, apps like Momondo and skyscanner are the best for price comparison. They even have an alert service where an email will be sent to your account should the price for the flight drop. In terms of timing; I am reliably informed that booking a flight five months prior to the trip might help you score the best deals available.

Accommodation and Food:

These two items combined can be quite pricy should you make a pricy choice in terms of accommodation. A pricy choice to me is any accommodation that offers just bed or bed & breakfast – with this option you will be forced to follow the expensive route when it comes to meals. My personal favorite type of lodging is Apartment hotels or fully equipped apartments – as they offer you the opportunity to dine in, should you require to have a less expensive meal option. The best website/app for such accommodations is Airbnb – most especially if you are doing a solo trip as you can book a shared house where you the experience to live with the locals and learn the authentic culture. My next favorite website is Trivago as it gives you price comparison across all booking sites.

Tourist activities:

Now that you have arrived at your destination and you want to explore all there is to explore, the best thing is to create an itinerary way before you travel. In creating the itinerary, TripAdvisor (the forum section) is the best website to visit as they have detailed info about the place, activities to be done and you can even copy some items from some of the itineraries posted by different travelers. To make the best itinerary, reading review comments is so worth it- as they give you a glimpse of what it is that you should expect from the place. Additionally, you can google the free days for different tourist attraction sites. For example, St Paul Cathedral is London is free if you attend the Sunday service but will cost you around 15£ if you visit it on weekdays. Italian Museums are free on the first Sunday of the month – but you have yo go so early as the line gets extremely long on those days.

I hope these few tips will help you make your next travel much more efficient and as cost effective as possible. Once again, thank you so much for stopping by.



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  • Jane Shussa

    Totally agree on saving money on the right currency, I prefer $ because TZS can fluctuate at any moment and it can hit you really bad. Love these tips considering it is holiday season, yey! Thank you for sharing.

    • Aaw thanks for reading lovely.
      I am with you there on the currency, damn that things free falls on a daily. Any holiday plans for 2018?

  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Great tips! I love Skyscanner and trip advisor 🙂

    • Thanks.
      Trip advisor has served.