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November 3, 2017

Hey Lovely readers,

Welcome back to my blog and happy New Month a.k.a the month before my favourite month. I hope the week is treating you well.

My love for the Internet and all things inspiring continues. I am amazed by how many good things I come across the web on the daily and it will be a crime not to share some with an effort to inspire my lovely readers as well. So let’s dive in;


I am overactive on Instagram (Follow me here btw), and among the many inspiring accounts that I follow, Before5am stands out as the most inspiring and motivating accounts. I read each and every post with much care and attention because his posts are filled with so much knowledge and wisdom. If you are in search of a social media page that will motivate you to get out of the bed with a more motivated spirit then I suggest that you follow this one.

No matter what you might be going through or how you are feeling about about a certain situation in your life make sure you open your eyes and look for the lesson or opportunity that’s right in front of you. ~ Sometimes things simply don’t go our way or work out, that’s just life… But there is always something we can to learn from every situation and it’s important to ask yourself what you needed to learn or how you could grow from every experience so you don’t keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. ~ Sometimes in our darkest moments or the moments when we feel helpless there is an opportunity for us to change, grow and move in a new more exciting direction and even though it might not feel like it at the time those moments of pain can lead you to something truly amazing and beautiful. ~ I can assure you I haven’t always got it right and things don’t always work out for me and sometimes life just disappoints you but one thing I have had to learn is to look for the lesson I need to learn or the pattern I need to break or the opportunity that is opening up for me. ~ It’s hard to shift your focus when you are frustrated, angry or disappointed but if you can just raise your head and shift your focus even for a moment you might just see that very thing that your heart and soul has been searching for. ~ Life presents us with challenges and hurdles so that we learn and grow and can move towards our highest calling and greatest potential, don’t get mad or upset just be calm and see what you can do with the cards you’ve been dealt.

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I havent been to any new place in the last month and have no plans of travelling anytime soon. In turn, I have started exploring Dar es Salaam and this weekend I fell in love with cafe that offers the most delicious healthy meals one can think of. You can read the full details about the place in this post here:


With the festive season on the horizon, shopping seems to be the thing to do (as if I need an excuse to shop..). This month I picked up a few items from ASOS and I cant wait for the delivery (which can take up to a full month). If you are in the mood for early christmas shopping, then I suggest you visit ASOS. com. Below are some of the items I am thinking if buying from ASOS.

PS: If you want to know how one can shop online and have things delivered to TZ, read this post here for in-depth.


If your diet habits dont change upon watching this video then I don’t know what will. Here Dr Oz shows how certain foods impact on our internal organs – which made me go out and buy all the healthy foods I could possibly have. Take a watch and let me know your thoughts.


I have read a few articles but I think this YouTube video was more motivational and inspiring than most of the articles I have read, so I will share this one instead. I watched this Tony Robbins video on a day I was so lethargic and it had an instant effect on me. I started moving around, forcing myself to do staff to a point that I felt normal. I promise you will feel so much better after viewing this video.

On that note, allow me to conclude today’s post by thanking you for stopping by and wishing you a lovely weekend.



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  • Essie

    Thanks for sharing this.. Loved the Tony Robbins video…!!!

    • Thanks love. We should have coffee one of these days. Miss you!

      • Essie

        We surely should… Missing you more!!

  • April Okwuobasi

    Lovely babe!!