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October 13, 2017

Photography : Amani

Hey Lovely readers,

Welcome back to my blog. I hope the week is treating you right.

I have realised that in describing the outfits worn in my blog-post, I always reference to outfit items that are for the majority, either thrift finds or bought online from various stores. The concept of online shopping is something I learnt not too long ago and it has become my favourite shopping method especially when it comes to shopping for accessories (Handbags and Shoes).

On today’s post I will document how one can shop online, my favourite online stores, shipping methods available, the dreadful tax system for our beautiful country, Tanzania and all other juicy details in relation to online shopping. So without further mumbling, let get to it, shall we?


First things first, you will need a credit/debit card and/or a PayPal account which will allow you to pay for the goods you want to procure.

Now I know the issue of security is one that deters most people from using their credit/debit cards to purchase things online and I have once been a victim of cyber theft via my debit card. The most secure way is to register your card for online purchases that way you will be asked to enter additional security measures when procuring items online. I personally use my VISA debit card issued by CRDB and I have registered my account that way, there is an additional security measure when procuring staff online. Other banks have this option as well, so talk to your banker and have the necessary security measures prior to jumping into the bandwagon of online shopping—it will save you a lot.


Now that you have your card loaded and secured, it’s time to browse those online shops and purchase your heart desires. The shops that I personally gravitate to are ASOS, SheIN, Amazon (for books and shoppers who deliver to Tanzania), Romwe, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Zara H&M and sometimes¬† Target. The most reliable and user friendly is ASOS as they deliver goods worldwide and if your shopping cost is below the tax bracket then you will receive your items tax free after a couple of weeks.

Now knowing where to shop is one thing, but having your order match your requirements is another matter entirely. There have been times when I have ordered a certain item but the delivered good is so far off from what I saw on the website. So my trick is to first read the item description, get to know the material, the length, my height difference with the model (helps me to know how the item will fit), the sizing metrics used, is it fits true to size, read through the reviews by other buyers and finally watch the videos to get an idea of how the item will flatter your physique when you are moving. You have to be brutally honest with yourself before you place the item in the basket because the challenge of returning an item is so not worth anyone’s efforts.

You can also watch YouTube videos to get honest reviews of some of the sites that deliver worldwide. I recommend watching Patricia Bright’s review videos for a feel on how these websites perform and deliver.


Once you have shopped for your items, the next frustrating challenge is how they will be shipped and delivered to you at a reasonable cost. Most of the sites mentioned above either do not deliver the items to Tanzania or they deliver the item at a pricey cost. So it’s important for you to have a logistic company sort out the shipping and delivery for you. Shop & Ship albeit pricey, has been rated as the most reliable and secure logistics company. My other options include KC Global Links from the UK (+447903828119), EXTENDED SERVICES LIMITED from the USA (+1 (240) 396 7414) and Easy Buy Africa.

 ** In addition to shopping cost that may be associated with your order, but ask the delivery company of all associated costs prior to confirming your order.

I hope this post has been helpful and if you have any additional tips for me, kindly do leave them in the comments section below. Once again thank you so much for stopping by.

My outfit details: Pant suit – ZARA; tshirt – GAP; Shoes – ASOS



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