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September 22, 2017

Hey lovely readers,

Welcome to my blog. I hope you are all alright.

My quest for learning ways to survive life and grow as an individual, is a character that I hold on to so dearly. I am always in search of information or wisdom tips that helps me navigate life on a wiser and much more informed note. Having said that, I must admit I have a weakness for watching serious news and reading official magazines/newspapers; I think that skill is lost in me. I am much more of a book reading person (a mild reader is the correct term for me, I believe), watching interviews – especially if the interviewer directs the interview in a way that makes the interviewee drop all wisdom in them and reading articles or personal bios.

I also observe leadership styles portrayed by the leaders I have had the pleasure to come into contact with, especially if they are good and impactful leaders. Sometimes I end up asking them interview like questions with the intentions of knowing the reasoning behind their bold leadership strategies. Having had the privilege to work with few exceptional leaders, I must admit to have learnt a thing or two from them.

My quest for new information and wisdom has led me to learning the following key leadership lessons that I believe are crucial for every leader:

  1. Quick decision making – Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, being the chief editor of Vogue USA, is in charge of a very large cooperation that —(find out what vogue does – mission statement and the annual revenues). In an interview/ documentary for Boss Women (watch here), she attributes quick decision making is one of the most important leadership traits/skill.

Come to think of it, delayed decision is one of the things that contribute to poor leadership, as it leaves an institution with no sense of direction for a period of time. Making decisions at the right moment gives the team a sense of direction which in turns shows progress for the team being led.

  1. Create impactful habits – Paul O’Neil

The author of “The power of habits”, Charles Duhigg – my current read, documents how Paul O’Neil’s leadership style created impactful habits that transformed the organisation he was leading. Paul O’neal was the CEO of Alco (Aluminum Manufacturing Company), whose leadership success was widely celebrated and resulted into creating massive profits for this company. His success was attributed by creating workers safety habits that ensured work efficiency, better and improved communication within the institution and sense of safety at the workplace.

Reading this was a light bulb moment, because I am of the opinion that organisational habits are very important in ensuring success of the organisation one is in. No matter how good the strategies are and/or how good organisational policies are, it is the organisational habits that have impact in ensuring that an organisation realises its vision.

3. Exude passion and humility – Oprah Winfrey

I was reading a Forbes article that beautifully captures 23 leadership lessons from the first African-American billionaire women, Oprah Winfrey and one of the key lessons that resonated with me was that of Humility. I think this is a practical leadership trait for one to have because the success of one’s leadership is based on creating a winning team that will successfully execute his/her visions and strategies and without humility, leadership becomes one challenging task.

This is my take on three key leadership traits that I have learnt from a number of world leaders. If there is any trait that you believe I should be aware of, please do leave it in the comments section below.

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by.



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