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September 11, 2017

Hey lovely readers,

Welcome back to my blog. I hope the week has started off on the right tone for you. I am praying that this week will be the best in so many ways.

I have been meaning to write this post ever since the child pregnancy issue became a national topic after Mr President’s comments on the matter. I didn’t ink my thoughts there and then, because quite frankly I was on the emotional side and couldn’t form any constructive opinion on the subject matter. I am not sure if I have the right words to say on the matter but I can safely say that being a woman is in itself a full time job filled with so many responsibilities and at times unrealistic expectations. I am not saying that men do not have their share of challenges, but my gender being on the inferior side has, I believe has more challenging issues to overcome.

The trick to succeeding in life is to enjoy the good things while working hard to overcome the challenges we are facing. Below is my take of few attributes or feminine characters that help us navigate life with a more positive outlook.


First let me applaud all those strong brave feminists who fought so hard for women’s right to choose. We can now indulge in the luxury of choosing our careers, our life partners, the way we want to live our lives and the timings with which we experience different adult activities.

Today I will appreciate the power to choose your life partner who will in turn have an impact on how you live life for the rest of your time on earth. If my history lessons were correct, the right to choose a life partner was absent in the former years. Women were married off to suitors / men who were chosen by their parents and had to live life that was really not of their choice. I am grateful that now we have the right to choose who we deem fit to spend the rest of our lives with.

My daily reminder to the young ones, is that they don’t succumb to the pressure of marrying at 25 and compromise their golden opportunity to choosing the right partner. While some ladies can make that choice early on in life, some (myself included) take longer than most and there is absolutely nothing wrong with either of the timing as long as we all choose those partners who will help us live our best life as we fulfill our purpose in this world.


I was once listening to a sermon by Pastor Kimaro (watch his sermons here) and he spoke on women’s strength – in that the woman was created from a man’s rib and a man was created from soil – which explains why women are stronger than men. Now this is usually a difficult thing for men to hear but it is the truth. I believe that we are strong enough to avoid being coerced to do the things we don’t want to or are not willing to per take at a certain time.

Growing up, I didn’t believe in the strength of saying NO, which led to agreeing to do things that are not to my liking. Now that I am grown up, I believe am strong enough to reject someone’s request/idea or a lifestyle choice and accept the consequences to my choice. Looking back in life, I wish I could say NO to all the things that were not a representation of my true self, something I always tell my young sisters to watch out for.


I once eavesdropped in a conversation between friends who were given a day off after completing a very challenging project. Their plan for the day revolved around the beauty treat they would indulge in to ease the pressure and get them a fresher look and perspective.

Thinking about it, there is something refreshing about indulging in some feminine treats. Be it a pedicure, a massage, a new hairdo, a makeup session for a night out – these activities feel like hitting that refresh button. You are bound to feel like a new person and a more refreshed person after indulging is some beauty treats, which is really a quick way of helping us stay afloat ad mist all chaotic issues happening all around us. Now some may say that this very vain way of thinking, but name even one woman you know in life who doesn’t have a beauty treat budget.

In addition to beauty treats, there is a pleasure in women get togethers. No matter how stressful life gets, I can always count on my best friends to have a good laugh and appreciate all the good things happening in my life or my friends life. The trick to enjoying this is having true friends in your corner who are willing to spend their time to bring that smile on your face.

That concludes on my take for a few feminine traits that help us navigate life with a much positive outlook. Please let me know of this school of thoughts in the comments sections.

Once again thank you so much for stopping by.

Have a wonderful week ahead.




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