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August 15, 2017

Hey lovely readers,

Welcome back to my blog.

If you have been a frequent visitor of my blog and/or social media pages, you will have most likely noticed my love for this hair and much to my delight, a lot of you have been loving this hair, based on the number of compliments and questions I have received on the hair.

Every time I post an image with this hairstyle, I receive a lot of direct messages (DMs) asking what type of hair this is, where I got it done, the pricing, etc etc…so I decided to write a full blog post detailing all there is about this hair.


This hair is labelled “Lena” – curly textured braids that can be done in a number of ways. When you remove the hair from the packaging, it looks quite dry and can put you off for a minute, but once the hair is detangled and cut into small sized curls it looks good. I particularly like this hair because it matches my hair pattern (my hair is 4C by the way) and so I don’t have to worry about my hair standing out from the strands of the braids.



My understanding is that this hair can be braided in three different styles; pick and drop, crotchet braids and “yebo achia”. My personal favourite is “Yebo achia” (the pictured hair style) as it suits me quite well. I recently tried the crotchet braid (seen here) and I would recommend this style if your hair is natural as no strand of your hair is left out and its quite easy to maintain.

Pick and drop braiding style is quite frankly the best of the three but the time it takes to make this style is on the too much side and it has a tendency of causing hair breaking – making this style my least favourite.


Asnath_Saloon (+255 714 619 461)  in Mwenge is the best option in my humble opinion, but the caution is that you go on days when Asnath herself will be around to supervise the service, otherwise you might be disappointed.

My second best option is Mwana Saloon (+255 789 943 590), her saloon is clean, quite and she does the crotchet braids so quickly it’s a joy.

I am aware that many other braiding saloons can braid this hair, but these two are my personal favorite and my go to saloons.


Well, the braiding price varies from one saloon to the other, so I suggest you either call in advance to find out about the price or walk in for pricing info. For the braids, the standard pricing is 10,000.00Tshs per pack and you will need two packs of hair.

I hope this info has been useful. Let me know if you need additional details on the hair.





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