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August 9, 2017

Hey lovely readers,

Welcome back to my blog;

I am going to blow my own trumpet and say that of all my beautiful characters; being classy is one of my best characters that I embrace. Truth be told, for the longest time; I was ashamed of character as it has earned me equal amount of praise and likes as well as insults and dislikes. I am OK with the outcome to my character as the benefits of being classy outweighs the disapproval of this character.

In the Instagram world however, being classy is not a character that earns more praise but the opposite is welcomed and what makes one stand out –  which has made a lot of people abandon their classy character and jump in the social media-esque characters bandwagon. In today’s post, I will discuss reasons as to why we should embrace being classy.


One of the things about growing is older is that you get to abandon some of the characters that don’t suit a particular age group or status of life you are in; being classy however is hopefully that character one gets to maintain despite the age group or life status as it doesn’t go out of style.

I have seen a lot of people regret some of the not-so classy characters they picked up as they go through life and lived to regret them when they get older.


I may not embrace all the traits of a classy lady; but I have been able to stay of out of trouble based on the few classy traits I embrace. This is mainly because when you embrace class you tend of choose classy things, people and environments to surround yourself with. I know saying this makes me sound snobbish, but having been in the presence of not so classy situations and having had tones of trouble – I realised that it is not really worth it. I trusted people whose characters where not credible and it got me in trouble; I associated myself with questionable situations and that led to even more trouble. So the next time you want to appear cool by accepting not-so credible and not-so classy situations, think about the troubles you will get into later on.


One of the not so cool characters of being a classy person is that you automatically wear the crown of a boring person. People assume that you don’t have the fun bone in you and that your company will be less entertaining. I have heard that and been told to my face that I am a boring person because I didn’t fit the bill of a fun friend. Not only is the remark rude but untrue in so many levels; just because I not willing to do the fun stuff at your convenience doesn’t mean I don’t have the fun bone in me. I do enjoy doing all the fun staff just like everyone else but I do it in my own classy way.


The one true benefit all classy people share is the benefit of doubt. When you portray classy characters you are automatically thought of as a person of integrity, a person who thinks of value and a person of your word. I think of this benefit as an insurance to all the efforts one has made to building your career and personal brand. You don’t have to work extra hard to prove that you are good at what you say you do; as you enjoy the benefit of being given the opportunity to prove yourself.

I hope these tips will help ladies embrace their classy character as being classy is really Golden.

Once again thank you so much for stopping by. Let me know what you think of this post in the comments section below.



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