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August 2, 2017

Hey lovely readers,

Welcome back to my blog.

I hope the week is treating you right. I on the other hand, have troubles staying on top of things. My motivation is somewhere around Mars and I am praying that it makes its way back to me sooner rather than later.

The most difficult thing about being an adult, is maintaining the right productivity levels and be in good spirits on grey and stressful days. While not attending to some tasks may not have any immediate impact to your career and/or personal life, not attending to important and time conscious tasks have an immediate impact which contributes to feeling even more stressful.

I have been under a lot of pressure lately and had to resort to the following measures to help stay motivated.


At one point, I lost focus on the goal that I was working on. I had forgotten the end game and I had to revisit that dreaded little paper where I jotted it all down at the beginning of the year. Reading the annual resolutions was a laughing experience in itself but then it reminded me of the exciting things I am hoping for at the end of the year. This in itself was a good wake up call, and even though it didn’t change my mood, it at least made me face the stressful days with a much more optimistic perspective.


Inspiration is all around us, if we take a minute to pause and smell the roses. I have been going for so long (with little success) and hadn’t had the opportunity to stop and just take it all in. I went through conversations I had with friends and they inspired me. I went through some of the photos in my phone and I smiled a little wider. I read inspiring articles by different creative authors and it made me feel good. I listened to good music and it fueled my spirits. I had a chat with a long lost friend and it felt so darn good. Having few inspiring and happy things to look forward to are seriously the fuel we sometimes need to help us face those dreadful days.


As women, our bodies go through hormonal changes that translates to making our bodies lethargic and everyone becomes an enemy for a minute. Being lethargic when you have a mountain of TO DO’s ahead of you can be quite frustrating. So in an effort to keep up with the lady in me, I always schedule a mid-week treat (ranging from a pedicure session after work, a window shopping session during the lunch break, a personal date to the movies or even the other good stuff *wink wink*). This way I am guaranteed to have a goodnight sleep and a great day ahead.


As a type A person, I am always having trouble with treating myself kindly. I am driven with accomplishing tasks that I become drained and tired. At one point I was drained so much that I thought I had malaria and to my dismay, my system was fine and the doctor prescribed resting. Since then, I have learnt to treat myself better – I try my hardest to sleep early, eat well, set out me time to exercise and do activities that enrich me. I am currently thinking of revisiting the cocktail hour in an effort to just have a balance between work and personal life.

I hope this tips will help you stay on track on those stressful grey days. If you have any additional tips, kindly share them in the comments section below.

Once again thank you so much for stopping by.



WHAT I AM WEARING: Dress – Xarafa Clothing; Shoes – H&M


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  • Maulid


    These can not only be ways to stay motivated on stressful and grey days also can be ways to stay motivated everyday on your life..

    I recommend women to read books especially self improvement books

    I recommend also women to start dating themselves by going out movies, shopping, camping.. sometimes they can do FILLER DATING…they suppose to know happiness depends on themselves and their choices

    • Thanks for the feedback Maulid.
      I do believe women have to put themselves first to maintain their motivation and enthusiasm about life in general. Thanks for the beautiful comment.

  • eleonora mezzo

    Oh my god you look so pretty! The colour of the dress is insane, so original! I love it! Btw, I honestly think that staying motivated is probably one of the most important thing you have to do.
    xx Ele |

    • Thanks Eleonara. I loved this dress, think of getting it in a smaller size though.

      With regards to motivation — that’s the way to go, you have to be motivated at all times.

  • Daria Ed
    • Oohh thank you sweetie.