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July 7, 2017

Hi, my name is Aika and I am unashamedly addicted to the Internet. The number of hours I spend online on daily basis is just insane and counter-productive really.

The Internet has a wealth of information, inspiration and tailor-made content that is so informative and entertaining if you know how to Google well. I have acquired so much knowledge and become so inspired from the web that I thought it’s only fair that I share all good stuff I come across on the web.

The main con about the Internet (particularly social media) is that most people appear to be successful, extra beautiful, global trotting and just all around fabulous, something that is not visible in our my day to day life. I don’t dwell too much on the authenticity of the life displayed on web, but rather dwell on the inspiration and knowledge that I get from this platform.

For this matter, I think it’s only fair that I share web contents that inspire me on a weekly basis.


First let me start by declaring my love for Instagram (Follow me here!), which stands out as the most visited social media platform by the majority of Tanzanians.

This week I have been inspired by @hostesssabc3 –  a cooking show hosted by Lorna Maseko on SABC3 (also available on YouTube). This page has changed my perception on Gourmet cooking at home. I am on a mission of trying the macarons she made on one of the episodes (something I never knew could be made at home). All in all if you want to try out some gourmet cooking, this page will inspire you to do so.


As much as I love travelling, I cannot afford the luxury of doing it anytime I want to as I have a job to hold down and a number of cash intensive investments to attend to. This week my boyfie was talking about his love for Positano – I bet the most expensive city in Italy- and so I was curious to know what the city has to offer. Well, my research has led me to conclude Amalfi-Coast as a bucket list destination location. I haven’t read any bad review about the city and the YouTube videos makes me yearn for a travel pretty soon – well a girl can dream. This page has a well detailed travel guide for Positano.


SheIn is currently the go to shopping place for Designer dupes. I mean they make total replicas of designer pieces for a fraction of a price and they deliver the items worldwide. I bought this white dress (here) from SheIn and I am on a missing of buying some other pieces from that site soon. I am currently eyeing this white dress and these sandals.


It’s been a minute since I last listened to a Podcast – but for the first half of the year I obsessively listened to Robin Sharma’s podcast. His podcasts – titled mastery sessions – have inspired me to think twice about the quality of my life, the quality of the work that I do and the quality of friends I associate with. I like to believe that he has had an influence on my thought process and the tough choices I have made. You can listen to his podcasts here:

YouTube VIDEO:

This week I have been obsessed with Angel Bernard’s new gospel song: Siteketei. Partly because the song has been released at the time when I was about to throw in a towel to some of the troubling situations in my life. Thank God for the song, it is really impactful.


If you have a LinkedIn Account, I suggest you follow Arianna Huffington – Founder and CEO of Thrive Global. She shares very inspiring articles, and since she has proven to succeed on a space that not many women have excelled in; I have confidence that her articles portray applicable wisdom. This week I read her article about Resilience (read it here!) and it gave me the opportunity to rethink about my response to life challenges.

This article concludes my internet read for this week. If you have read or watched any informative and/or inspiring stuff over the Internet, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Once again, thank you so much for reading.



Disclaimer: All Images used in this post have been sourced from the web.


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  • Myalla Christina

    Thanks Aika…today’s post has knocked my heart!! Keep up the good work

    • Thank you so much. Will have more Internet addiction series lined up for you 🙂