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June 19, 2017

Hi lovely readers,

Welcome back to my blog.

I often sit and reflect on how I live my life, in an effort to determine if my life is designed from my own belief system or has the society defined how I should live my life? Are my decisions out of fear of what people will say or are they my own?

I believe that a lot of us are guilty of this to an extent. I along with many others – are guilty of doing something just because others would have a negative comment if we chose not to. I know countless people who have spent so much resources in an effort of designing a lifestyle that is society acceptable. Sadly, I know a lot of people who are afraid of displaying their belief system (spiritual or otherwise) in an effort to fit in with the masses.

Now my best friend (Amy) inspired me so much with the way she lived her life. Anyone who had expectations of how she should live her life was not only disappointed but could also not convince her otherwise. In my opinion, the following where a few things that made her live in her own terms;

1 You can say NO

Have you encountered a situation where your boss asks you to work overtime and end up agreeing anyway even though it will ruin other important family issues? Or have you ever been in a situation where friends invite you over for a supposedly fun night and end up saying yes despite your budgetary constraints?

Saying NO is a cure to being sincere to yourself and the person asking for a favor. You don’t have to be rude when saying NO but offering an alternative to the situation will mean being fair to both you and the friend.

2. It’s OK not to be current with the trends.

You don’t have to own the trendiest car for you to be cool. You don’t have to attend all social events for you to be accepted by the society. You don’t have to wear the trendiest clothes and/or the most raved designer clothes in an effort to be accepted as the most IT girl. Live a life that is true to you. If you are a car fanatic, by all means change as many cars as you like, but don’t do it to please the society. If you love wearing trendiest outfits or classy outfits , just go for it. Life is too short for you to let the society dictate your choices.

3. It’s OK to be different

It’s OK  not to want all the things everyone pretends to care about. It’s OK to be the last one to get married among your peers. It’s OK to be overly ambitious. Its OK to live lavishly. Its really OK to be anything that is not the norm – because all those who care wont mind  at all.

Thank you so much for reading.

Love Aika;

MY OUTFIT: Shirt~Thrift; Skirt~GAP, Shoes ~ ALDO; Belt ~ H&M

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  • Girl, love the tips and you look STUNNING.

    • Thank you so much lovely 🙂

  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Saying no became a priority and I’ve cut trends out of my life. Feels good!
    Nice post Aika!

    • Thanks lovely.
      The only trend that we should embrace is that of classy choices – i think this will last a lifetime.
      Thank you for reading!!