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June 13, 2017

Hey lovely readers,

Welcome back. I hope this week is treating you right.

On today’s post I will like to share a few benefits of dressing appropriately.

While the actual definition of dressing appropriately is personal and unique to each individual, my personal definition of dressing appropriately means being dressed in outfits that are well presentable, fitting to the occasion I am attending and that matches my persona.  This definition has landed me into having some sort of uniform outfits for different occasions; for example; I wear denim for most of my weekends, a pencil skirt/dress or tailored pants for my office days and a well designed/tailored evening dress or jumpsuits for my evening looks – while these looks may be monotonous at times, they fit all the occasions I attend and are a true reflection of my persona.

My dress style for when I was in high school and the better part of my undergrad,  was not something I was entirely comfortable with and it did have a negative impact on my personal confidence and it even contributed to my social awkwardness. With time I developed a proper dressing style and I have come to appreciate the benefits of dressing appropriately. From my personal experience, below are three of the benefits of dressing appropriately;

    1. Portray a positive first impression

I read an article on Business Insider, which suggested that we only have 7 seconds to portray the winning first impression. While first impression opinions are formed by considering a number factors within a very small window of time, you don’t want your outfit to be the factor that makes your interviewer, potential date and/or business partner develop a negative first impression of you. Always dress appropriately – because you might ruin that golden opportunity when being interviewed for your dream job or when you accidentally meet with your potential employer and/or business partner.

     2. It’s a mood elevator

Any day that I am presentable is a good day. This may sound very vain and naive, but when I am dressed well and appropriately, it means I am in a mood to move from one place to another, I am more likely to say yes to an invitation to attend something and/or I am ready to face whatever presentation surprise that may arise during the day. So the next time you want to enjoy your day better, spend additional minutes in deciding what to wear and you will be amazed on how that affects your day.

     3. Builds trust

I have been in situations where I couldn’t trust the opinion of some professionals based on how they were dressed. In one instance I visited a hospital and the doctor who attended me was dressed in ripped jeans and ripped top (an outfit choice that would be more appropriate in a social setting or a profession that required a relaxed look) – for some reasons I couldn’t trust her medical opinion. I might sound rude, but why would I trust such a critical opinion from someone who couldn’t even be bothered to remember her doctors coat? Whether we like it or not; we are being judged based on how we present ourselves.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you will dress like you are going to meet your ex tomorrow-lolz.



MY OUTFIT: Off-shoulder top ~ Thrifted, Pants & Shoes ~Zara, Bag ~ Toro Firenze, Accessories ~ Gifted

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