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June 1, 2017

Hey lovely people;

Welcome back. I hope you have all been OK.

We are in the first half of the year, hopefully the five months have been filled with happiness, good health, success and all the goodness you prayed for at the start of the year.

Last week, as my friends and I were brainstorming on how we can achieve our goals for the remainder of the year, the discussion led to discussing the ways on how we can best utilize the success hours.

The success hours, a term coined from our discussion, are the eight (8) hours of the day when you are not working on your day job. We computed the eight hours from the logic that, if you spend eight hours at your job and another eight hours sleeping; that leaves you with eight hours of personal time.

I am of the opinion that, personal success especially for corporate employees is largely attributed on proper use of these success hours.

I am on a mission to utilize my success hours smartly with the goal of achieving all 2017 goals by Dec, 31st. Below are some of the techniques that I use to ensure I utilize my success hours well.

1. Be proactive and efficient on my day job:
The logic for success hours works on the assumption that you are free from your day job after the end of the work day. For this to happen, you must be proactive from the time you start your day to the end of the day. To quote my old boss, “if you are working overtime, it means you are inefficient”. So work smartly during the work hours, so that you can have the opportunity to fully utilize your success hours.

2. Set a goal and the number of hours you will work on the goal:
Its a bit unrealistic for one to say that you will be working for the full eight hours after putting in eight hours of work. These hours are very crucial for personal health and you don’t want to spend all of them working as you will burn out. The idea here is to set the number of hours where you can fully work on a specific goal and use the rest as personal pamper time.

3. Have an accountability partner:
The tricky part about personal goals is that the consequences are justifiable and you can get away with not achieving your goals. Having an accountability partner is a great way of ensuring that someone is there to remind you or even punish you when you slack on your personal goals.

I hope with these tricks, I can be able to fully utilize my success hours. If you have any tricks or points for me, please do share on the comments section below or via my Facebook page.

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by.


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  • Njau Jacqueline

    Now where do I start? Great great post…..keep them coming.

    • Thank you so much love.