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March 8, 2017

Hey lovely readers,

Happy Women’s Day to all my female readers – I think it’s only fair that the world has set a day to celebrate women. The theme for this year’s celebration is Be Bold for Change – a theme that resonates well with the current era where women are required to show their boldness rather than hide behind the ladyish fragile characters we possess.

Being a women means you have to make bold decisions at various stages in life, which can be quite scary especially  if you haven’t developed the courage muscle to face life boldly. I like to believe that some women are born with bold gene and other women (myself included) gain the bold muscle from other inspiring bold women.

I have grown to be quite a bold woman who embraces change and makes bold decisions in my life, something that was mind-boggling in my early twenties. I attribute my boldness to three (3) most important people/groups of people in my life:



Everyone believes that their mother to be the earth angel and the best humans to ever walk on planet Earth – rightfully so because mothers are most loving, caring, selfless and bold women who have direct influence in our lives.

My mother – bless her soul –  happens to be the strongest person I have had the pleasure of knowing and being influenced by. Despite falling in the disadvantaged category of being a widow for the past 25 years, the woman has gracefully faced life challenges and lived in other own beautiful classy terms.

One of the biggest lessons that I am always learning from my mother is that: “Life is not happening to you but rather responding to you” – she doesn’t let the circumstances of her life determine how she will live her life or the size of life goals she can accomplish. She approaches life like she queen she was born to be.


Once someone advised me to pray for my friends even before I had any close friends. I am grateful that the lord answered that prayer because I have been blessed with incredible friends who have supported and empowered me to an extent that cannot be easily explained/described.

I have a very small circle of friends, and despite their limited quantity they sure do bring quality friendship to the table. I spend so much time with my friends, which constitutes to them being my biggest influence in my life.

If I am to choose one biggest lesson that I have learnt from my friends, it would be: “Your uniqueness is the key attribute to living life to the fullest”. This is a very important lesson I wish more women could apply, as I have seen lots of women strip their unique characters in an effort to please friends.


ZR has been my mentor for a very short period of time but she has had the most significant impact on my life and career. Often times, the corporate world can be brutal and unforgiving, but when you are blessed with a compassionate mentor who will go the extra mile to help you grow career wise – then you can consider yourself lucky.

If I am to choose the most important lesson that I learnt from ZR then it would be: “Enjoy life in your pursuit for success – in other words (Work Hard and Play hard as well)”.

In addition to these three most influential people in life – I would love to extend my sincere gratitude to other friends, co-workers and family members who have influenced me to live life boldly.

For every female reader of my blog – I am hoping to have a tiny influence in your life by creating positive content for you and in turn don’t forget to be the source of influence to the ladies in your life.

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by.



In todays post, I am wearing:

Coat – ASOS

Scarf – ALCOTT


Boots – Thrifted


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  • Bertha

    Happy women’s day sweetheart..It is such an honor to be your friend..One can never wish for a more caring, loving, cheerful, hardworking, interesting and brave friend.I love you ❤️❤️❤️

    • Thank you so much my love. I love youuu a whole lot ❤❤