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February 23, 2017

Hey Lovely readers,

Welcome back. Today I am sharing a few simple things that contribute to my happiness.

1. Writing

A lot of people ask me the reason as to why I own a blog, and in all honest it stems from my love for writing. I love writing, be it official work or just mindless writing to unload my brain. Anytime I have an idea or just want to a mental relief, I pull up a paper and write down my thoughts. To me writing is the measure of the depth of my thoughts.

2. Shopping

Hi, my name is Aika and I am a relatively mild-shopaholic (ahem..denial!). I love the idea of having something new in my space. Be it a new cup, new book, new outfit, new shoes – new items refresh me and makes me feel the same way a computer feels after you click a refresh button.

When it comes to shopping, my favorite kind of shopping is the online shopping – its hustle free and its the best way to score the sales deals (score!!!).

3. Love

I love Love – the idea of being in love, being loved, my loved ones finding love, the blossoming of love, the warmth and happiness brought by love, the compassion felt towards the ones you love, the benefit of doubt you receive from your loved ones, being at easy when in love and so on so forth.

On that note, allow me to say I love each and every reader of my blog – (insert the heart Emoji here).

4. Date Nights/Morning/Afternoon

I love dating so much that even if I hate the date activity, I will just go along for the date – yes am that obsessed with Dating . For example, physical activities are not my ideal Date activities but when the boyfie says we are going to shoot hoops as our date activity- all over a sudden am a sporty competitive partner or team mate (ha ha ha).

5. Sleeping

I am the happiest person when I have had my 7hours of sleep per night. If I am mean to you in the morning, just know that my sleep craving/addiction was deprived. Just writing this makes me want to fall asleep zzzz….

6. Travel

If it were up to me, I would travel to a new location once every month but realistically, I can’t afford the luxury of travelling as much as I like to. But when the opportunity allows, you best believe I am on the road/on board  to somewhere new and exciting. There is just something so liberating about the idea of exploring new places, cuisine and cultures-it’s like being afforded the opportunity to escape the daily norm and add a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation.

7. Cooking

There is something about being in the kitchen that gives me joy; to me cooking is that mindless chore that is both relaxing and fulfilling – especially since am a certified gourmet foodie.

8. Hanging out with friends

I have  a very small circle of friends – but I  always have a blast every time I hang out with them. I think am always too serious at work, that when I get to hangout with friends I just let my hair down and chatter about all sorts of crazy things. Can the weekend get here sooner..

9. Planning & Daydreaming

I like planning my life out, its the one thing that gives me confidence that I have control over my life. Things may not pan out the same way I plan them but at least planning gives me a sense of direction in my life. Now, I wish execution of plans was as easy and fulfilling as the planning stage.

10. Romantic comedy series

I am always thoroughly entertained by romantic comedies  – my all time favorite being How I Met Your Mother (I still Hi5 my BFF every time we meet). Comedies are my go to pick me up after a long day of work.

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