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February 2, 2017


Creative careers (arts, crafts, music and all sorts of entrepreneurship)–have been in my opinion regarded as the glamorous and rewarding category of career, while the 9-to-5 corporate world is defined as the rather dull and unrewarding category of career despite it being the backbone to the success of the entrepreneurs.

I am always wondering, why do the creative jobs look so fancy while in actuality they require so much effort for succession? Why is it that the creative people believe that their path is much more rewarding than the 9-to-5? Is this a millennial trend that we should all get into or can the 9-to-5 be as glamorous and rewarding as the creative?

As a 9-to-5 career person, I believe any career choice can be both rewarding and fun, but you have to be realistic about the timelines of when you break even in any given career choice. While entrepreneurs break even within a short span of time by applying the right efforts to their jobs, likewise the 9-to-5 career person can achieve the same.

Let me sight one example from 9-to-5 career category; my previous boss was a director at the age of 30 and she acquired this position in less than five years of joining the organisation as an intern. In the five years span, she deployed strategies just as an entrepreneur would when starting their own business venture. Let’s look at these strategies shall we;

1. She believed she could never win a fight with her boss.

¬†She knew exactly what her boss wanted and she delivered. She worked hard and smart to reach her boss’s objectives. I think that is the most common mistake that most of us 9-to-5 career people face where we want to work to our satisfaction and not that of our bosses. No matter how hard you work, if your work does not have a direct impact to the organisation strategic goals, then our work will be both frustrating and unrewarding.

2. She had a clear vision of who she was and what she wanted out of her career.

Often times, we are so caught up in the office culture and we forget to work towards our vision. This is justifiable on the basis that, we have the need to feel loved and accepted by our peers and for that matter we conform to the work culture despite our vision and goals. My boss did not conform to the work culture – which is most instances is the culture that forces us to hate our bosses and justify why we are not reaching our goals. For this matter, she was disliked by many but she was respected by all – I believe the respect earned from both her peers and bosses is what pushed her to realizing her vision.

3.She had the right holidays and vacations to celebrate the success of her efforts.

Ever wondered why network marketing companies treat their successful marketers with holidays to beautiful destinations? It has been proven time and time again, that travel is one of the most efficient inspirational and recharging activities to do. Since this easier said than done, I will have dedicated post to discuss on how one can travel on a budget and a tight one at that.

I hope this post will inspire my fellow 9-to-5 career people to keep working towards our vision as it can be as rewarding just as the entrepreneur, after all we can not all become business owners can we?

Once again thanks for stopping by.

Love; Aika!

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