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January 16, 2017

Hey Lovely Readers;

Welcome back to my blog.

Once upon a time, My mom and I had the pleasure of dining in a very small restaurant whose service had a royal feel to it.

We stumbled upon this restaurant on our to another restaurant and on a whim we decided to try it.

As we made our way to the table, a cheerful waiter approached us and rearranged the table set up to a table for two. Then he proceeded to give us the menu and left us to it.

As we were reading through the menu, the restaurateur came to our table to ask what we would like to order. She didn’t speak English but her cheerful tone had our attention. After realizing our language differences, she adjusted the language to a very limited English which made communication easier.

As we were waiting on our order, we observed how cheerful the restaurateur communicated with other customers. Inquiring if the food was OK, whether they were comfortable and in instances asking where they are from. This way she made the place feel so homey.

As our meal was served, which I must say has been one of the most delicious meals I have had the pleasure of devouring, she made sure it was to our liking and offered to change it if it wasn’t.

My mom, who is a business woman through and through then told me, learn from this woman, the way she works will ensure her business strives for a long time. So I asked my mom, what would you consider to be the biggest lessons from her. She said there are only two lessons.

1. Love what you do;
The restaurateur we observed did her work so passionately it was a joy to watch. This stemmed from the fact that she genuinely loved what she did and this had an impact of customers trusting what she was serving.

2. Treat every customer as if they are the king/queen;
To the waiters and waitresses, this lady was the boss but her customers (both young and adult) were the true bosses who kept her business floating. For this matter, she treated them as such and believe me; everyone left the place feeling like they have dined at a 5 star restaurant.

To all my entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur readers, I hope these two lessons will help you thrive in whatever business you are doing.

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by.


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