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January 10, 2017

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Hey lovely readers,

Welcome back to my blog. Since we are a few days into the year I thought I would share my thoughts on the phrase “New Year, New Me!”

In all honest, I wish that a calendar date would change the old me to a new and much more exciting person. As much as I wish for that, I am also very much aware of how unachievable this is.

I believe that everyone of us has the potential of evolving to becoming the best version of who we envision to be. But for this to happen, the efforts to this evolution have to be ingrained in our lifestyles for a period longer than one year.

I always look up to people have evolved or are in the process of evolving to become what they envision to be (the likes of Serena Williams – who became the sports person of the year in 2015, roughly 27years into the sports). Through observing these people I have learnt three things that attributed to their evolution:

1. Persistent effort and prioritization.
2. Constant learning and improving of skills set.
3. Forming habits or rituals that propel them to achieving each and every goal they set for themselves.

From these tips, I hope we will make this year a stepping stone to evolving and become who we envision to be.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


What I am  wearing:

Dress: She In

Shoes: Debenhams

Photography: Amani

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  • Bertha

    stunning..not that it is shocking..You are always stunning..Love you dear

    • Oooh thank you so much love.
      PS: Its still a shock to me when people say I look stunning. Humbled.

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