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May 30, 2016


Hi Lovely readers,

It is Monday, 21:34 Hours and I am sitting on my desk contemplating on how I will face the week with this office workload. Every time I am overwhelmed with work, I take a mental break and day dream about what I will do on my weekends.

I love my weekends, mainly because I wake up late (yeey to no alarm clocks interrupting my beauty sleep) and free to do whatever my heart desires (perks of being (on-paper) SINGLE). For this coming weekend, I will be relaxing with friends over some home-made barbecue with lots of wine and great convos filled with roaring laughter. Just thinking of how good the weekend evenings will be, puts me in great spirits and I can now safely get back to work knowing there is a prize at the end of the week.

Speaking of weekends,  my attire is still denim uniform (see other denim uniforms HERE and HERE) and I am loving dressing them up for date nights or night out with friends. On today’s post I dressed this white denim with a pair of lace up heels (my favourite type of shoe to dress up any outfit).

I wish you all a productive week and an even better weekend to come.

Love Aika!


Denim Shirt – Primark

Jeans – ZARA

Shoes – ZARA

Accessories – ASOS



_MG_0010 (2) _MG_9987

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