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January 22, 2016


Hi lovely readers,

Welcome back to my blog. Apologies for the lack of posts in the past week or so. I hope you all are doing fine.

On todays’ post I will  talk about my favorite staple lipsticks and how I wear them.

Red Lipstick:

red lip

I believe that every lady should have a red lipstick in their make up bag. While my love for red lipsticks have declined over the days but I like to pull a red lip every now and then. Red lipstick to me is a mood elevator, I wear it on days  I need to pul myself together or when I need to upgrade my look for the day.

Beauty tip: Beauty experts advise that you pair red lips with neutral eye shadows as written in this Vogue article here.

Purple/Pink Lipstick:


The Purple lipstick is fastly become a fave, and dare I say, I prefer purple to red lipstick these days. I like to wear purple lipsticks for most of the few nights out and for dinner dates.

Beauty Tip: Avoid matching purple lipstick to your outfit. Other tips are documented in this article here.

Nude Lipstick:


I refer the nude lipstick as the natural lip colour. You can wear this lipstick for a “no makeup” makeup look or for corporate look. I once wrote a blog post (here) on how you can wear a nude lipstick especially if you have dark lips like me.

Beauty tip: Always line your lips with a brown pencil before applying a nude lipstick.

I would like to hear what your staple lipsticks and if there is any lip colour that I should try out.

Once again, thanks for stopping by.



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