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December 14, 2015

Gift Guide

Happy Monday  lovely readers,

I hope you had a relaxing weekend. I surely had a very well rested weekend.

Christmas season is my best season and I feel like time has flown by so quickly.  I want freeze the days so all the Christmas trees can light all year long.

Speaking of Christmas, I have assembled my ultimate and practical  gift guide should you wish to be Santa to someone special. My absolute favourite is the 365 Gathered Truths, which is something I learnt that successful people such as Oprah use each and every morning to make their days brighter.

365 truths

I will be gifting myself one of these things myself; such as this classy handbag or a perfume that will be my 2016 signature scent.

fringe sandals

In other news; I will be playing Santa and giving away these fringe shoes (size 39)to one of my lucky readers. To take part in the giveaway, follow the rules below:

1. Follow and like me on Instagram and Face book.

2. Comment below with the reason why I should pick you.

3. Comment with your email, so I can contact you if you win.

The winner will be randomly selected on 24.12.2015 – just in time for christmas.

Happy holidays to each and every reader of my blog.

PS: The giveaway is open to Tanzanians only.


The winner of the giveaway is Essie! Congrats dear



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  • Arafa

    For one, I was actually very curious to read this post (so as to know what’s the shoe size lol) Very good thinking actually..you brought me here faaaast, and made me comment for the very first time. Could it be the shoe? Maybe…(shy face)
    But am always here, reading, smiling and enjoying every story you share.
    PS: Coincidentally, I’m a 39 too. Yaaaaayyyyyyy

    • hahahaha, thanks for stopping by. Lets hope you will win this one my dear.

  • Agape Narindwa Tunzo

    Very nice. Aisee I want 2016 be about me and the heel well they will be a starting point. No heels in my closet oooh

    • I read somewhere that loving yourself is key to loving those around you. You cannot give what you yourself dont have. So dont wait for 2016, start loving yourself right now dear.
      About the heels, lets go shopping please!

      • Agape Narindwa Tunzo

        Very true I think we have been reading the same book. I think the last two years have been adjusting with a lot had no tym for me ila now am ready to start. We will go shopping……hahahahhahaha

  • My oh my, this is such a positive comment. Thanks @essie

  • irene

    dear Aika,

    im happy to see you still have that kinda heart since Kilax to date. about the shoes am soooo exaited i real can’t explain. thee shoes are cuteee hope they will take me good places in 2016. hope this cute shoes will be my carb free… love…xoxoxoxox
    mail : irenelyimo1@gmail.com
    nb: i also wear size 39

  • Abou Nashu

    Hello Aika…oops i hope am not late for the gift, I am good reader of your blog and am in luv with each and everything u r posting, the beauty, healthy & inspirational tips based on that i think i am fit for those gorgeous shoes…
    …reach me via halimaaboubakar@yahoo.com
    NB: To give myself a better chance of winning am gonna like all ur posts ryt now, hahahahah