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November 25, 2015

final edit3

Hey lovely readers,

Welcome back to my blog!

Today I am wearing one of my favorite denim combos Рwhite denim with neutrals. This outfit is perfect for a happy-hour  drinks date or even a semi-formal event.

The last time I wore this outfit was to a school photoshoot that led to no photos – haha. Well the story of the photoshoot goes like this:

My friends and I were busy at the library working on our thesis reports. Then we suddenly receive an email from the school requesting us to take part in the school photoshoots with the intent of using the pictures in re-branding the school websites. Well, I was so excited about the photoshoot that I went straight home to choose the right attire for the photoshoot. The D-day came around and I stood in the photoshoot arena for longer than I wanted to, just so I could be part of this exciting project. We took a couple of pictures but am yet to see the pictures appear anywhere. Well, I would like to admit that I am over the no photos incident, but my good friends Amir, Osy and Stanley are still bitter till todate!

Thanks so much for stopping by.



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  • Nimecheka jmni….and I am very sorry kuwa nimecheka. Uwii, pole sana, I cant imagine what it felt like. Am sorry for your friends too. These administrators….will have to sue them. Anyway I love the outfit and the new name…

    Next year your blog has to be nominated by Swahili fashion week….if not nadhamini na naweka a category for u…hahahahahha. Nakupenda.

    Xoxo, Agape

    • aika

      we ncheke tu!

      • Agape Narindwa Tunzo

        I could not help my self hahahah. Hey the blog looks amazing. Next year would like to change refine mine too. Any ideas?

        • Sawa bwana.
          We could chat privately and discuss the changes my dear.

          • Agape Narindwa Tunzo

            Poa. You have my no.when u are free check on me. Have a lovely day

  • Abou Nashu

    The outfits u wore are amazing, am in love with them