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November 3, 2015
Hi lovely readers,
Welcome back to my blog and to another travel post from me. Today I am sharing pictures from my trip to Nigeria. This pictures were taken while attending my friends traditional marriage. I marvelled about Nigeria’s culture in my previous post here.
Today I will document the reasons as to why I personally love travelling. I love travelling for two reasons: (1) the world perspective and (2)a breathing moment.
I read an article on how having a world perspective makes for a well rounded human being. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I now have that patience for different perspectives and I can definitely say I truly appreciate who I am as an individual and my culture in general.
I also love travelling for a breathing moment – If there is one thing I can safely say: is that when you are in your late twenties and not married, the public takes it upon themselves to remind you that the clock is ticking. At some point its endearing but in other instances its stressful. So if I can get away just from this stress for a second, well why not?
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  • The breathing part ooo, very me. The struggle is real my dear.

  • Dont worry the struggle will be over soon!!

  • Being at new place, re initiate new struggles

  • Tell me about it! the struggles are constant but we keep on! Thanks for stopping by pal!

  • Lovely

  • Thanks dearie!