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August 10, 2015
Hi lovely readers,
Welcome back to my blog. It looks like I having been stumbling with some of my 2015 goals including my fitness goals. But, as Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but rising every time we fall”. I just raised from my fitness failure and I am sure by the end of the year, I will be back into my desired fitness goal.
Below are a few tips on how I get back into my fitness routine:
1. Workout first thing in the morning
I am usually or feign being busy during the day, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is start running like a lunatic. So I have opted for early morning workouts instead. Additional benefits of starting my day workouts include feeling energized throughout the day. 
2. Find a workout partner. 
I am definetly not a “self-motivated to workout” kinda person, so I always find a partner to workout with. Am currently working out with my neighbour who doesnt even know my name (crazy, I kow). If you have a workout partner, you will feel motivated to be there each single day. The key is to find a workout partner who is in the same level as you. 
3. Stay psyched
Two things psych me up each day that I workout. The first is cute and comfy outfits that give me the confidence to hit the ground the minute I leave my house. The second is a promise to indulge in my favorite hobby i.e Shopping. I have promised myself that I will indulge and get these training shoes (this or this), should I attain my fitness goal by the end of the year. 
I would love to hear your tips on how you get back to fitness after months and months of procrastination. 
Once again thanks for stopping by.

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  • That is great and best of luck, I know how difficult loosing weight is, its a struggle.

    What I do, is the psych thing you mentioned. This can sound silly but I have my wedding day in my head…hahahahahhaha, its not even close but hell yes it helps.

    Another thing is looking at people who are struggling like me and I draw my strength from them, when they share their failure and struggle and their getting back I get motivated. I sure do not like people who shows only their strength and no weak point, they sound like super humans to me and that does not work.

    Having said that Thank you for staring the fact that you are human and show people that the struggle is real.



  • I have been meaning to respond to this for quite sometimes now:

    First thanks for the appreciation, it really means alot to me.

    Secondly; goodluck with the upcoming wedding my dear. Get yourself into your desired shape. But dont let that be the only thing that psychs you. 🙂
    Most importantly thanks for appreciating that its ok to be weak and fall down at times. As veru successful people say: its not how many times you fall but how many times you rise back up.

    Thanks for your support dearie. Truly appreciated.