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July 30, 2015

Hey lovely readers,
I hope you have all had a great week. Today, I am sharing some of my most important beauty items I use on daily basis. I have other beauty items that I use from time and again but these one are most important one. I use these products religiously and help my face stay in shape and skin glow even without make up. 
1. Face wash
I think finding the right face wash for an oily/combination skin tone is as hard as finding the right boyfriend (hahahhahaha). I have tried a number of face wash but each one has an almost catastrophic impact. Some made my skin lighter, some dried up my skin so badly and some made my skin oilier. But ever since I started using this Body-shop face wash, life has become bearable. I use it twice daily and it removes all the oil and dirt without changing anything. 
2. Moisturiser.
The funny part is I didn’t know what a moisturiser was till a few years ago. I used my good old Vaseline and yes, it left my skin shining like a disco bulb. A friend of mine suggested that I try using a moisturiser. Life has since then changed. I don’t have to apply powder or any make up on most days and my skin doesn’t look shiny. 
3. Lip balm
If there is one beauty item that every lady has used from childhood, it would be a lip balm. I have been using the Vaseline lip balm for over ten years and I probably will use it forever. This lip balm just works wonders especially on those windy months where the lips dry up so badly. I sometimes try to be all fancy and switch it up with Calvin Klein lip balm. Because of the cost element of the Calvin Klein one, I use it one in a week or on days that I am going make up free. 
4. Eye brow pencil 
I am not yet a pro at doing my eyebrows but I have realised that working on your eyebrows make such a difference. It frames the face and one appears with a cleaner face if the eyebrows are filled. Because am not a pro, I tend to use this Bella Pierre powder eye brow kit as it’s easier for me to apply and it can be easily wiped off in case I make mistakes. 

5. Body lotion and oil
My body skin is quite dry and I have to use lots of lotion or else I end up as dry as crazy. I prefer the Nivea Express Hydration lotion for daily use. On the windy months, I often mix the lotion with Bio-Oil. Sometimes when I want to smell a certain type of way, I use the Body-shop body butter and the smell is just divine. 

I like to hear what are your beauty essentials (I might be missing out on some of the good products out there). 
Once again, thank you so much for stopping by. 

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  • Awww jamani i need to be ur student..simply inspired by this

  • Thanks Rita. We can both be students and learn it all.

  • They do u justice my darling

  • Thanks Agape.
    Any beauty secrets you want to share!