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July 24, 2015
 Hey lovely readers,
I just recently graduated and trust me, I never been this excited about my life. To some people this ain’t a big deal but to me, this is a MAJOR deal. I have gone through the day in my mind, over and over and over again. This is one of the highlights of 2015 for sure. Ooh am so grateful and feel very blessed. 
Here I am sharing a few pics from the day. 

         Pictured with fellow graduates. These three gentleman played a huge role in my academic life; from the late night group discussions to sharing pizza at the graduate centre, we had to survive. 
         My friend Stanley, who recently got married showed up with the wife-y and it was double celebration.
       My friend ODO made an appearance. We worked together back in the day and I inspired him to go for his masters (yes, I am bragging a little 🙂 )
      I get teary-eyed when I think of how far we have come. My bff came all the way from Scotland. I have never felt more loved an appreciated. 
    This crazy lady just brought it on. Had so much fun hanging out with her. She brought all the fun and laughs.
My mama and my sister were there to share this wonderful day with me. (Side note ladies, next time dont try to upstage the lady of the hour. Thank you!)

OK, let me just chill now and get on to the next one. Special thanks to all who supported, prayed for and wished me well. I hold a special place in my heart for you all. 
Thanks for stopping by.

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  • Your hard work will pay off in many ways. Good things will come to those who wait until they graduate. You’ve come so far. You’ve worked so hard. Your graduation is a new and open door congratulation my lovely aunt

  • Ooh, thank you so much Stanley. this is such a sweet message.

  • Hongera sana Aika. Yes this is MAJOR…Hongera sanaaaa.

  • Thank you so much Agape.
    Side note: Shoud I hold my breath for your graduation?

  • Anonymous

    I am speechless darling..Congrats and you deserve every ounce of it and of course so much more..Keep up the amazing work.