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June 15, 2015
Hi lovely readers,
Welcome back to my blog. I have been missing in this platform for so long. I am currently working really hard to complete my 2015 goals and boy oh boy, its harder than I thought. How have you all been? Are you keeping up with your 2015 goals or have you forgotten that you set some goals at the beggining of the year? 
I am currently at work and this blue monday is not doing it for me, too many items in my to do list and 24hours seems to be shorter than expected. To keep my monday fun, I had to include colours in my attire to brighten up my mood. This blue shirt and pink handbag were a perfect fit for the day. 
On the brighter side, I have been working on a really cool project and I cant wait to share it with you my lovely readers. 
Until next time, thanks for stopping by. 

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