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April 18, 2015
Hi Lovely readers,
Welcome back to my blog. I am currently away for work in the beautiful Zanzibar. While I am here, a friend asked me if she can choose this as a honeymoon destination and I highly recommended it. Here is why:
Zanzibar is the ultimate tropical honeymoon destination. There are lots of things that you can do in this beautiful town. Here are the things you can do in Zanzibar:

1. The prisoners Island
The prisoners Island is 20 – 30minutes boat ride from Zanzibar. This island is very historical and contains the oldest tortoise I have ever seen. In addition to the history, its a beautiful island to snorkel.

2. Nungwi beaches.
Nungwi have the best beaches I have personally seen. Oooh my, and there are so many activities you can do including parasailing, snorkelling, jet ski rides, diving, sunset cruises and even attend beach parties.

3. Stone Town:
This is the heart of Zanzibar and I dare say, it’s the most historical town in East Africa. The activities in this town include sight seeing and shopping.

4. Forodhani Gardens:
These gardens are located at stone town and are legendary for their evening local dishes. While staying at Stone Town, an evening stroll to forodhani gardens for dinner will be a treat you will never forget. Try sea food dishes and their renowed sugarcane juice (I have gained enough pounds from eating the foods there).

5. Palace Museums and House of Wonders:
This is the most historical museum in Zanzibar and is two minutes walk from Forodhani Gardens. It contains historical collections of the Sultan of Zanzibar and so much more.

6. Spice Tours:
 One thing is for sure, while in Zanzibar you will eat the most spiced meals. Zanzibar is famous for its spices and you can take a tour to the spice farms and learn a lot about seasoning and spices.

7. Local Spas:
Zanzibar is legendary for its local spas that uses from sea salt to seaweed, to the array of therapeutic spices in its treatments. You will love any spa experience you indulge into.

8. Local Music and Festivals:
 If you visit Zanzibar during the high tourist season, its likely there will be events to entertain you. Events such as Full Moon parties, Taarab and Sauti za Busara are usually the main night life events.

Thanks for stopping by.

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