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Real Talk: Weight Loss

March 26, 2015
Hi Lovely readers,
Welcome back to my blog. A few people have asked me to advise them on weight loss tricks. Well I am not a fitness/health expert in any shape or form. But in my limited knowledge, I am sure that a person can lose weight by eating healthy and exercising.
I once blogged about exercising here, so for healthy eating, I had to get ideas from a health expert Dr Oz. Here are some of the tips that may help in weight loss according to Dr Oz.
1. Drink hot lemon water in the morning.
I can seriously attest to this. I have been drinking hot water with lemon each weekday and I have seen tremendous changes in my metabolism. I don’t fell blotted or gassy as I used to feel back in the day.

2. Water is your best friend.
75% of our bodies is water, so it is important that we are well hydrated. Dr Oz suggests that you drink water first anytime you feel hungry. Sometimes our body sends a message of thirst as hunger. So drink a glass of water instead of a chocolate bar to suffice the hunger.
3. Fruits and Veggies should make a large part of our meals.
Having meals with more fruits and veggies contents is a free ticket to weight loss.

4.Eat food in small portions.
I remember Halle Berry once said, ” Eat everything, but in small proportions”. The true fact is large portions of food have an impact on the size of our intestines. If you are used to eating large portions of food, your intestine will expand to accommodate the food portions. Eat small portions of foods frequently instead of a one large sit down. The trick here is to eat on a smaller plate that a large plate.
5. Juicing id the new weight loss ish.
If you want to see rapid weight changes, change your dinner to drinking smoothies. The metabolism for smoothies is fast as compared to solid foods.

These are the five tips that I consider doable for weight loss. Dr Oz wrote an article how 100 ways of how you can lose weight. You can check his article here.
I hope these tips are helpful. Let me know of any additional tips in the comments section below!.

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  • Very helpful Aika. I have started the journey about 2 months ago and yeeesss it works. The tips are on point. Keep it up. Xoxoxo