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March 24, 2015
Hey lovely reader,
Welcome back to my blog. I saw some first date tag videos on YouTube (you can watch them here) and I thought it’s a cool TAG and I should do it. (Yes, am a hopeless romantic).  
So here we go;

1.       How long does it take to get ready for a date?

Well, I will take my sweet time every time am getting ready to go out. So roughly between an hour or two.


2.       What’s your idea of a perfect date?

a.       Dinner – is my ideal first date category. It’s an exclusive and romantic way of getting to know the lovey dovey side of my date.
b.      Drinks – I like drinks date coz it’s the type of date where I will open up and be totally free. So I will opt for this type of date if I really like the guy.
c.       Cinema – Does this qualify as a date?
d.      Adventurous date – No please.

3.       What type of outfit will you gravitate more for a date night?

If it’s a dinner date, I will prefer a dress that’s not too flattery but ladylike. If it’s cold, I will add a leather jacket to keep warm.
If it’s a drinks date then I will prefer denim type of outfit. I would most definitely go for my white denim and pair it with a nice top and killer heels.




4.       On the date of your choice, what make up will you wear?

I am not a make up fanatic or make-up guru for that matter, but on first dates, I like to have simple make-up with a nude lip and soft eyeliner.

5.       Your date asks for the bill, do you…

a.       Offer to pay with the actual intention to pay?
b.      Make a fuss – with no intention of paying?
c.       Expect him to pay straight away?
Well, I will make a fuss with no intention of paying. If he agrees, then I automatically conclude that this was not a date but rather just a hangout. J

6.       It’s time to say goodbye, you really like your date. Do you?

a.       Wave
b.      Hug
c.       Kiss on the cheek
d.      Peck
e.      Full on smooch
I am awkward and I think I will wave. If he initiates a hug then I will reciprocate but I am sure I won’t kiss him.
Thanks for stopping by.

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  • I could not stop laughing. Hahahahhahahaha. Haya mama. Have many lovely ones. Xoxo.

    PS: I love it. As usual