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Packing Tips: The Corporate edition

March 10, 2015

Hi Lovely readers,
Welcome back to my blog. I was packing the other day and realised how packing had got easier with time. I used to travel with a big bag but suffered from lack of clothing when I arrived at my destination. After a lot of trials and errors and reading through a lot of articles and blogs; I have come up with tips that help me travel light and with the appropriate amount of clothing.

1. Get in touch with the weather man

First things first, you need to know the climate of the area you are travelling to. This will help you determine the type of clothing you should pack and even the type of bag you should have.

 2. Plan your outfits
Write down what you will wear on each day that you are away and select the clothes you will require. I always pack clothes that can be worn on different styles to prevent carrying a large amount of clothing. Don’t forget to include the right undergarments for your planned outfits.

3. Pack your toiletries in the correct bag
If you are flying and have only a carry on bag, make sure your liquids are in the correct size bottles and well packed in their bag to avoid spillage.

 4. Day to night accessories.
Always pack something that will take you straight from the office to a party. A good clutch will immediately transform day look to night look.


5. Pack a variety of shoes
I was one of those people who will pack only functional shoes. I would pack either flats or work shoes, but then something unexpected event will happen and I wouldn’t have shoes to update my outfits for the events. But I have learnt it is important to carry a variety of shoes that will function for all types of occasions.

6. Protect your accessories and delicate fabrics.

If you are travelling with sequined or similar outfits, make sure they are wrapped to prevent damage. I actually learnt this from Wendy’s lookbook (here).


  I hope this tips are helpful. Let me know of any additional tips in the comments section below.




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  • Can i raid your wardrobe. Seen some tops i like 🙂

  • Can i raid ur wardrobe seen some clad i will like

  • Sure dear, you will have full access!!

  • Very nice Aika…nice piece and I am sure many of us have benefited…I had an idea of writing about the same but when a person is traveling with a baby. Can I steal just your points and direct people to your blog for more details?

    Keep up the good work.


  • Very nice Aika….i believe many of us have benefited from this. I had an idea of writing about the same but when one is traveling with a baby…may I steal just your points and include them in my piece and refer my readers to your blog?

    Keep up the good work Aika.


  • Thanks Agape, please go ahead and write your post. I will pass by your blog to see it.