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Sexy Talk: Lingerie Must Haves!

March 3, 2015
Hi Lovely readers,
Welcome back to my blog. Today, I am going outside of my comfort zone and will write on a subject I wouldn’t normally discuss in such a public forum.
Lingerie is one of the most important item in a ladies wardrobe. You are likely to have a wardrobe malfunction if you don’t wear the right lingerie. In addition to being a wardrobe staple, lingerie can be a feel good outfit. Wear the right lingerie and I guarantee you will boost your feel good factors.
I have compiled a list of few essential lingerie’s that every lady should have in their wardrobe. I have even included links of where you can purchase these lingerie’s.
1. Strapless Bra!
Buy here (other alternatives here)
Nothing irritates me, like showy bra straps. If you are wearing a strapless dress or a low cut dress, I suggest you go for the strapless bra instead of the bras with colourless straps. Luckily, there are brands that offer a range of size form A to FF. Choose the one that’s suitable for you. If you have the cash to spend on a strapless bra, I suggest you opt for the Wonder-Bra Brand, they are a bit pricey but ooh so worth it.
2. Bra Clips.
Buy here (cheaper alternative here)
I didn’t know of bra clips, until a friend of mine schooled me on them. When wearing halter neck of dresses or tops, it’s nice to have bra clips to pull back the bra straps.
3. Thong
Buy here
I recommend thongs to all the corporate ladies who wear suit or official pants. It’s very unladylike and awkward for panties edges to be seen through the trouser. 
4. Black lace panties
Buy here
If you cant wear a thong, I suggest you opt for the boxer brief lace panties. They serve the same purpose and are more comfortable in comparison to the thong.
5. Satin Slip/Shimizi/Gagulo/
Buy here
Every lady needs atleast one slip/shimizi/gagulo in their wardrobe for the see through dresses or skirts.
6. Sexy Night Lingerie
Buy here
I am always surprised when ladies buy these when they are about to get married or when they are going for honeymoon. I feel like every lady should wear a sexy night lingerie whether they are single or married. Feeling sexy should be influenced by someone else, it’s a personal feeling.
I hope this has been helpful, let me know of any other lingerie essentials in the comments section below.
Thank you for stopping by.

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  • Its an eye opener. Thank you Aika. Have learnt loads. xoxoxo

  • Ha ha haaa hiyo number 3 itanishindaaaaaaa

  • ha ha ha, basi number 4 utaiweza, loool!