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Girl Talk: Body Image!

February 19, 2015
Hi Lovely readers;
Welcome back to my lovely blog. Today I am sharing a topic that has been on my mind for a very long time. So many women (including myself) have been a victim of this. 
We ladies tend to be self critical about the way we look. To make matters worse, the media has defined what beauty is and we tend to analyze our beauty based on that definition. We have now fell into being victims and our self esteem and inner beauty is dimming. 
I have come up with a few tips for we ladies to help us appreciate how we look and feel.  

1. Perfection is an ILLUSION.

Despite what or who you see in the magazine or Instagram, No one is that perfect. There is this technology called “airbrushing” and “Photoshop” that people use to make their images appear perfect. Imperfection is beauty in itself. Learn to love your imperfections and in the long run you will feel perfect about yourself. 

2. Don’t compare yourself to others. 

I must admit, I am a victim of this too. Comparison is the thief of joy. Everyone is unique in their own special way. Appreciate the beauty of others but don’t let that put you down. The grass isn’t always green on the other side. 

3. Tell yourself you are beautiful. 

I once heard someone say this, I thought it was very vain and weird. But then, I started receiving rude comments about how I look and that had an effect on my self esteem. So I made a point to saying that I am beautiful out loud. After a while, it changed how I felt. Once you affirm to yourself that you are beautiful then you not only feel the beauty from within but also stand a little taller. 

4. Take a look in the mirror. 

One of my best friend has a habit of looking at herself in the mirror (Al-naturale/naked). I always thought it was weird, until I came across an article that encouraged this habit. The article encouraged looking at your self and pointing out one good feature that you love you. This week you may notice one thing, next week you will notice another. Eventually you will know that every part of you is beautiful.

5. Exercise.

I am not encouraging you to exercise for the sake of losing weight or getting a bigger butt. I am encouraging you exercise so that you can have a moment to get out of your head and let go of your insecurities. A half an hour run once a week can do wonders to your body and the way you feel about yourself. Get at it and work on it. 
I hope this tips have been helpful. If you have additional tips please do share them in the comments section below. 

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  • Thank you Aika for an incredible topic, I am a victim too given that for the past seven (7) years I have been fat and since am short you can imagine how it felt. I met with school mates the way they say you are fat and how they stare at you, you start to even hate yourself. So the tip:

    1. I decided to plug my ears. I decided I will not listen to them anymore and I started loving me again
    2. As you said I even accepted me and I realized I love my legs and waist so I decided to wear clothes that flattered my figure and accentuated my best assets and yes showed my legs

    It worked I even got too comfortable. So please ladies take Aika's words of wisdom.

    Good job Aika. Much love from Mwanza

  • wow Agape, that's so courageous of you. Keep loving who you are dear. Thanks for passing by!

  • My pleasure.