Birthday Wishlist: A girl can dream!

December 1, 2014

Hey Lovely readers,

Well its the beginning of the month, and not just any month but my most favorite month of all times. December is my favorite month for two reasons: First its the festive season and my tribe requires me to be excited about this (Wachagga oyee). Second, its my birthday month. As my birthday is on Christmas Day (December, 25), my family never forget about it though presents has never been my family tradition.

Each year I like to create a wishlist of things that am either lusting for or things that I need for my growth. Last year I posted a wish list on my facebook account and tagged all my close friends, Well its safe to my friends honored my birthday and I received a number of the requested gifts. This year is no exception and the list is varied and (in my humble opinion) practical. Below are the items that am wishing Santa will grant me via my friends:

1. Books – I love to read books. Be it novels, inspirational books or educational books. Before the end of this year (30days more to go), I would love to have read these three important books: The Brand Gap, The Lean StartUp and Rework. I would recommend these books to anyone who wants to be an enterpreneur of any point in their lives.

2. iMAC – I am definetly lusting after an iMAC. I love my laptop so much but there is something about the large surface that iMAC presents. I love the resolution and trust me, with this baby on your work table, creativity is a guarantee.

3. Flight Ticket – Need I say more. My birthday would be a delight if by some miracle Santa drops that round trip ticket to say Baltimore or Hong Khong or even KL. (Side Note: Its ok to dream, after all dreams are free, the hustle to make these dreams come true is another situation all together.)

4. Sexy Heels – I know am tall but I can’t help but wish for sexy high heels as these. I mean whats there not to love!

5. Perfume – Ooh Chanel!

6. Jewellery – (I am crossing my fingers and hope my mother reads this). I mean its been almost ten years since she last gave me some nice jewellery, well lets hope its a decade situation and I will get a new set this coming Christmas.

7. ZoEva Make UP Brush Set – Totally worthy every penny.

8. Chanel Iphone Case – While I wait for Santa to work on that magic, let me start on that eBay search for this one.

That’s all I want for Christmas/birthday this year (hehehehe)! Enjoy the festive season everyone.


  • Its nice to be open about what u like, i kind love the idea, let's hope Santa drops all that u wish for.

  • Thanks Fidelis, but mind you Santa drops these goodies via friends!