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Corporate ladies: Career Tips!

October 28, 2014

Hi lovely readers,

It’s been a while since my last blog post. My life has been in a major transition and I had to hibernate before I could resume to my daily life whereabouts.
I will be resuming to my 9-to-5 awesome career in the coming weeks. To prepare myself I had to gather career advise from some successful career women. Below are some of the career tips I gathered from career women from all walks of life:
1. Prioritize your goals and tasks – This advise came from my ever amazing mother. In her opinion, when we are in our mid-twenties, we want to do it all and have it all. Which can be a good thing, but every thing should be done in order and with adequate appropriateness. 

2. You are in charge of your own career. Seek opportunities, take risks and demand what you are worth. Ironically, I got this advise from my boss and work mentor. Through my discussion with my boss (who is a lady by the way), said that women so often are scared to going for opportunities or taking risks. The key is to have a balance of the opportunities your going for and taking calculated risks that will yearn the best results.

3. Nobody is perfect – Let go of perfection and focus on consistency; don’t sweat the small stuff. This advise was shared by Linda Descano, Managing Director at Citi Bank.

4. Mistakes is your best teacher. I got this advise from my best friend, who writes for Energy Tanzania and Allison Asplin – Fellow at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Their point was that it is OK to try and fail. These trials are what will get you to the top of the ladder of your corporate career.

5. Don’t cut yourself short. Believe in yourself, don’t take it when you are told you are “just a girl”. Learn to lead and be someone to be looked up to even if its only yourself looking up to you – Kay Rice – Database Application Specialist.

6. Keep your mind open to new experiences. Education doesn’t always come out of a book, it also comes from living life and learning the good and bad things that come your way. – Pam Coleman – Student Services, Crouse Hospital College of Nursing.

I hope this knowledge inspires and empowers you in your career path. Let me know if you have additional tips for me and other career women.

thanks for reading.


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