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Beauty Regimen: Oily Skin

September 29, 2014

Hi Loves,

When it comes to beauty, it is important that we use beauty products that suit our skin tones. I have an oily skin and the struggle for beauty products for oily skin is real.

Oily skin is the most difficult (in my humble opinion) skin tone to deal with. Looking shiny and oily is not what we ladies want to encounter especially when going to that special date where you have to impress. Below are few tips that will help you take care of the oily skin:

1. Choose the right products.

Some of the beauty products proclaim to be for oily skin but they do the opposite of what is expected for oily skin. When buying beauty products read the ingredients labels and make sure the mentioned ingredients are suitable for oily skin. The following are best for oily skins: water-soluble cleansers, alcohol-free toner with antioxidants, salicylic acid (BHA) exfoliates, matte-finish liquid foundation and pressed powder with SPF 15.

2. Cleanse the skin everyday.

Cleanse the face twice or thrice on a daily basis. This will control the facial excess oil and leave the skin clean at all times.

3. Exfoliate on weekly basis.

Exfoliating is a beauty regime that removes the thick layer of dead skin cells. Oily skin is known to have a thick layer of dead cells. By exfoliating once in a week, you will clear this layer and leave the skin looking radiant and healthy.

4. Tone the skin everyday

Skin toner helps to balance the PH of the skin. This will banish all dirt and eliminate all excess oil leaving the skin looking radiant. Make sure the toner is alcohol free!

5. Moisturize the skin.

Oily skin requires hydration and moisturizing. Not using the moisturizer will make the skin produce more oil for hydration and therefore it will be more oily. Choose the right moisturizer for your skin tone and moisturize on daily basis.

6. Make up – Less is more.

Oily skin requires a minimum amount of make up products especially the foundation. Always opt for oil-free or mineral based make up products to ensure that the skin is not blotted.

I hope these tips will help you take care of your oily skin. If you have additional tips please do share in the comments section below.


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