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September 28, 2014

Hi Lovely readers,

I love reading books but I have a love and hate relationship with them. This is mainly because they take up too much of the storage space and since I live in a very (emphasis on very) small accommodation, this is really a problem. But I have to come to realise that, books don’t have to go to storage unit once am done with them. I can use them as decor pieces.

Below are some of the ways you can use books as an interior decor accents:

1. Coffee table decor accent:

You can use books as coffee table decor accent. Neatly place the books on the coffee table and add a few flowers to brighten up the table.
coffee table love

2. Office table decor piece.

You can arrange your favorite books as a decor on your office table, This will not only be a decor piece but also an inspiration factor.

3. Bedside table decor piece:

I like reading at night while on my bed. Having a book near by makes it all easy. You can use the book as a decor for your bed side table and change them when done reading.

4. As flower pots.

Once you are done reading a book and its no longer of use, You can explore your DIY (Do It Yourself) creativity side and cut out the book to be used as flower pots as below.

I hope this ideas will help you get creative with your books. Do let me know if you have other ways you use books for interior decor in the comments section below.

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