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September 27, 2014

Hey Loves,

Inspiration is the foundation of our daily motivation. We need to be inspired to maintain the motivation to achieve our goals. Our daily routines can be so repetitive and tiring that we lose our inspiration. I, like most people have trouble maintaining inspiration for my day to day tasks. I use the below tips to ensure I regain my inspirational levels.

1. Positive people.

I surround myself with people who bring joy to my life, encourage me and nurture me. Negative people bring the opposite effect by draining your energy and demotivate you. Stay away from negative people and keep a close circle of positive people. This will make you feel loved, motivated and in good spirits on most days.  Sometimes the negative people are the people who are so close to you and it may be hard to separate yourself from them. Find a way to get rid of these people. It will be hard at first but once you have the right people in your circle, you will feel lighter and joyful.

2. Read inspirational books

Reading is such a deliberating and informative activity. When stressed and hectic, try to read books that will uplift you and keep you on track. One of my all time favorite book is the Secret by Rhoda Byrne, I read this book every time I want to be inspired. Reading a chapter or less each day is the inspirational force you require.

3. Exercise regularly

This was actually suggested to me by my therapist. My immediate thought was this wont work, but I gave it a try. Believe me when I say that it is such a good thing to do. It releases stress and clear the mind. It gives you a quick gulp of air into the lungs and help your energy levels. Start small, by doing a ten minutes evening walk every often and your inspiration will be fuelled each day. 

4. Take a walk.

Walking is one of the activities that allows you to stop and smell the roses. Try taking a walk at the end of the day to let the tension leave your body and appreciate your surroundings. This will fuel your imagination and its a good inspirational factor.
These are the few tips I apply to gain inspiration daily. I would like to hear from you, what do you do to be inspired?

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