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Corporate chic: The Nude Makeup!

September 23, 2014

Hey Lovely readers,

There is a time and place for everything. When it comes to make-up; full blown routines should be kept for weekends, special occasions and when you are feeling especially low. For normal corporate days, A nude or no-makeup beauty routine is ideal.

Not that I am a make-up guru, but I like to apply nude make-ups on day to day basis. It is an easy and quick way to fix my face and get me moving. The routine for the nude make up is quite simple, as  I share below.

1. Tone and moisturize your skin.

First things first, always moisturize your skin with a moisturizer that suits your skin tone. Moisturizers keeps the skin hydrated and gives you a dewy appearance. So moisturize religiously before applying any make up on your skin.

Additional tip: If you are going to spend the whole day in the sun, I suggest you follow the moisturizer with a sunscreen lotion. (I know we black people think sunscreen lotions don’t apply to us, I will come up with a post that shows the benefits of sunscreen lotion for darker skin tones.)

2.Apply a make-up primer.

Make-up primer helps the make-up stay on for a long time. And lets face it, nobody has time to constantly check if the make up is still in place throughout the day, most especially when you are busy. A small amount of make-up primer will save you the hustle of constant checks.

3. Conceal the unwanted.

Apply a tiny damp of concealer on the black heads and breakouts to even out the skin. Use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone.

4.Apply the right foundation.

So, I have one important tips for you ladies: Use as little foundation as possible. Too much foundation blots the face and hides the natural face glow. So just apply a small amount of foundation to covers the whole face.

5. Vamp the eyes and lips.

Once the face is well made, it is then time to apply mascara and a nude lipstick to brighten up the face. If you are feeling sleepy, apply a white or brown eye liners in the waterline, this will open up the eye and you will appear more awake and active.

 6. Dust the face with finishing powder.

If you have an oily skin like me, the foundation can leave you looking a bit off. Finish up your make up routine with a little finishing powder just to press everything in.

I hope this routine helps you with your daily office looks. Let me know what you think in the comments section below:


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  • Aween

    Please write a blog on it..

  • Aween

    Hi dear.. can u recommend an affordable drugstore liqiud foundation.. doesn't want to look cakey! light to medium coverage.. and for dry skin and SPF! xx

  • Let me do the research and write a blog post on that!

  • Aween

    Thank you Aika!