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At-home fitness essentials!

September 22, 2014
Lets face it, fitness can be quite a struggle. There are more than 100 sorry excuses that we apply to get out of the fitness routines – I am tired, I don’t have time, Gym membership is so expensive, The gym is quite far and with this traffic–mmmh – the list of excuses goes on and on. I, like many others have applied these excuses to get out of any workout routine. 
To help stay in the fitness routine, I work out at home. Its a quick and easy way to stay in the fitness routine. I can exercise at any time of the day or when the mood takes me. If you are looking for an easy way to stay in the fitness routine, I suggest you workout at home. You need a few essentials to get you going.
Below are some of the essentials for at-home fitness routine. 

1. Choose the right space for your workouts.

I like working out in the comfort of my bedroom. It is spacious, private and I can do it without disturbing other members I share my home with. Choose a room that will give you good space, privacy and not disturb other people you share your house with.

2. Workout gear.

Buy workout equipments to maximize your workout routines, The choice of workout equipments varies depending on your choice of workout routines. A few essential equipments include: Exercise/Yoga Matt, Stability Ball, Jumping ropes and Dumbbells. You don’t have to invest in fancy workout clothes but a good pair will keep you motivated.  

3. Heart rate monitor:

Think of the heart rate monitor as your workout motivation. You can use this to measure your heart rates and the amount of calories you have burnt. Knowing the amount of calories you have burnt per work out will motivate you to keep pushing.

4, Workout media:

Well, thanks to YouTube and workout DVDs, there is tons of media that you can use for workouts at home. My personal favorites are two YouTube channels: Blogilates and Fitness Blender
Let me know if these essentials helps you stay in the fitness routine.

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