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Style It: The White Button-Down Shirt

September 17, 2014

Hi Lovely readers,

Long gone are the days where the button-down shirts were for corporate looks only. The button-down shirt is a basic staple that works with almost everything in your wardrobe. The button down can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your preferences. Below are stylish ways in which you can rock the white button-down shirt.

1. Pair with classic pencil skirt:

Pairing a white button-down with a pencil skirt doesn’t have to be boring. Choose a statement pencil skirt that will stand out and tone down the shirt. The stylish Folake of Style Pantry rocked the white button-down with a flared statement skirt and stood out from the crowd.

2. Pair it with denim trousers

For that stylish look, pair the button-down shirt with a pair of denim. Celebrities and fashionstas have been rocking this look and, boy, do they look good. You can pair the shirt with a boyfriend distressed jeans, high wasted skinny jeans or even the flared denim. The choice of pairing is endless, just pick one that works for you.
Photo via Wendy's Look Book

Keeping it simple in a white button down and jeans.

Love that bright red blazer paired with a white button down.

3. Pair with sequin/metallic skirt:

The white-button down skirt tones down the sequin/metallic skirts and make for perfect daytime and evening looks. The trick is to choose a skirt that is not too overwhelming and works well with you physique. Always finish this pairing with a minimal style shoe and accessories, a nude pair of shoes is ideal for this look.
Metallic skirt + shiny pumps


4. Pair with shorts.

Well, if you have those long lean legs and you want to show a bit of what mama gave you, a pair of shorts is always a good idea. Pairing shorts with a classic white button-down will dress up the look and bring out your best features. You can pair it with denim shorts, sequin shorts or even tailored shorts. The trick is to go a size bigger in the choice of your shirt. A very fitting shirt makes your legs appear shorter and unflattering.
cute -- not digging the shoes with the outfit but love the cut off shorts and white button down with clutch color splash classic button down white shirt in silk


5. Switch it to menswear.

I love the menswear inspired looks, but I don’t have the fashion balls to pull it off. If you want to push the fashion envelope and pull menswear look, I suggest that you invest a good pair of crisp white button-down shirt. Grab that amazing pant suit and pair it with a classic button-down shirt for absolute perfection. A trick is to keep the make up and accessories to a minimum and let the outfit make the statement. The ever beautiful Nancy Sumari was a pure perfection when she rocked the menswear inspired look for MTV MAMA awards. You can either go for a minimum look like hers or go overboard like other fashionistas below.

A perfect take on #menswear

Bright blue suit

6. Beach cover over-up.

I absolutely love it when a clothing item can be used in different ways. Its a perfect way of making maximum use of your wardrobe, most especially if you invested a few coints on the piece. The classic button-down shirt can be worn as a cover up at the beach. Isn’t this fantastic, from it being the boring office piece to a casual outfit as a beach cover-up. The next time you go to the beach, take that white shirt and use it as a cover up like the fashionista below;
White button down as a cover up.

Photo credits: Style Pantry,  Wendy’s lookbook,  Pinterest

Ladies, a white button-down shirt is a versatile piece, don’t be scared of saving up some coints and buy yourself a perfect pair.

Let me know how you style your white button-down in the comments section below.


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