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Living Room Decor: Fun, Cheap and easy ways to update the living room

September 17, 2014

The living room is considered one of the central rooms in our houses. It is where the family relaxes and socialises after a long day of work. It is also the room that hosts all the guests that visit our homes. Decorating this room is the most basic thing to do.

Living Room Decor

I, like most people, have very grand ideas of how to decorate the living room in my home. However, home decor can be quite expensive and time consuming. For this reason, I am always looking for design ideas that are inexpensive and yet classic.
Below are the tips that will help you design and decorate your living room in the most cost effective manner.

1. Acquire the living room essentials:

First things first, get the things that are most basic for your living room. In the very least, this includes the sofa set, TV, sound/music system, the curtains and if possible the coffee table. These will be the most significant items in your living room and also the most expensive items. Invest in pieces that will last a long time as the cost involved in changing these items can be quite high. 

2. Update the wall.

The wall is the most significant part of your living room. You may choose to maintain the present oil paint which in most cases is either white or creamy, or you may decide to update the wall by applying a new paint or using stylish wall papers. Painting the living room wall can be quite expensive and you dont want to spend a fortune in the colour that may be out of style after a short while. The alternative is to use wall papers. Wall papers come in different shades, size and colours. Choose the one that represents the tone/theme of your living room. Below are some inspirational wall papers you may wish to consider:
Bedrieglijk echt perspectief | roomed.nl 
DIY mural: easy 3D butterfly wall decoration made with wrapping paper and a little elbow grease. Great for living room or bedroom.

The choice of wallpapers is endless and the good news is that its an inexpensive decor trick. You can get similar and other wall papers from ebay, amazon, etsy and any other local stores.

3. Decorate the sofa sets:

There are a number of ways that you can update the basic look of your sofa set. Try adding accents like Pillows and/or throws. This will bring character to the room and make it brighter and bigger. The trick here is to choose accents that match the sofa size and style and not go overboard with the amount of accents. Too many accents become clutter instead of becoming decor items. 
Love this Michael Weiss curved sectional!  Tailored, stylish and perfect for city living
Furniture: Fascinating Modern Best Leather Sofa Design Furniture Black Leather Sofas Sets With Colorful Pillows And Nice Glass Tables Adorab...
Not only useful for holding your glass of wine, a table behind the sofa gives you a place to put a set of matching lamps, a pretty vase, a couple books and anything else you want.
green sofa, gray walls, turquoise accents: gray wall and subdued carpet are perfect backdrops for the wonderfully colored furniture and accents, especially the green sofa which looks exceptionally rich in this setting

4. Add flowers in the right places:

Consider adding flowers to the flat surfaces such as the coffee table or on the TV unit. The choice of flowers should such that compliment the piece and not overwhelm it. Avoid big flowers as they tend to make the room appear smaller. Choose flowers of appropriate size and colour to lighten up the room. Below are some of the floral arrangements that you may wish to consider for your living room.
My living room strikes the perfect balance between contemporary and cozy. Yes, it's monochromatic, but the punches of espresso from the tray, pillows and armchairs keep everything really crisp
Photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo. Rizzoli New York. [ Burmese cushions - Imperio jp ]
Hollywood Regency ❤✨
Contain Yourself  For a garden-fresh display, assemble a collection of mismatched glassware, along with interesting flowers, greenery, and moss from a garden or floral shop. Arrange your natural finds inside the glassware and group together on a tabletop. Aim for an eclectic collection of natural finds in different heights, sizes, and textures.

5. Choose the right carpet or floor rug:

When I first lived with my cousin in our bachelor pad, we chose the wrong carpet and our living room ended looking two sizes smaller than it was. From then on I learnt, the smaller the better. If possible choose a carpet/rug that only covers the coffee table. This will bring in a contrast with the floor and make the living room appear bigger than it actually is. The trick is to choose the carpet that matches the floor. Below are some of the ideas for living room carpets;
transitional decor living room fireplace photos | Transitional Living Room with Fireplace Mantel | My House - Color a...
Black and White Living Room from DIY user "Crussell24" >> http://diy.roomzaar.com/rate-my-space/Living-Rooms/Black-and-White-Living-room/detail.esi?oid=22786844=pinterest#
It would be relatively easy to make a table like this wth 4x4s + caster wheels I have from an old IKEA table.
Beautiful home decor! What better feeling than coming back to a cozy home. Get inspired and try this in your home!
"Woven Textures" Rug at Horchow.

6. Incorporate art:

Art is a form of communication, The type of art you choose for your living room should communicate the values and likes of the family members. Keep in mind the living room is a family room, therefore whatever art is in the room should be a family theme or mood. Living room art can vary from family portraits to portraits of places the whole family has been together, or even contemporary art. Below are some of the ideas on how to incorporate art into the living room.
Home decor ideas  the wall color in my living , kitchen, dinning, sitting room.... and I love this picture Idea... also like using just frames as art... painted white... but these are black with black and white photos.... interesting idea
Add a pop of color to your room with throw pillows and area rugs.
Wall Decor for my home..pick our fav location a pivotal known or unknown location and blow up the photo for art work or accent wall.
Textiles from Caitlin Wilson Textiles! I love the italy painting in the background too. One day I will learn to make pillows, since I'm sure these cost like $400 each. Redonculous!!
I hope this ideas can help you decorate your living. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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  • It's incredible what some decorating and rearranging can do to the look of a living room! I'm an especially big fan of the city backdrop in the second picture. My wife and I have been looking for some unique ways to decorate our living room. We did what you said and made sure that we have all the essentials, so we're starting with simple decorations that'll give it an overall theme. After that we'll follow your advice and do some updating of walls and carpets. Hopefully we can make our living room look as good as some of these! Thanks for the post, Aika! http://www.giftsbycp.com